When you work with exceptional children, inevitably you hear, “You must be so patient.” Patience is good, but mostly what you need are good teaching skills. Good special education is not about tolerating children with disabilities, its about teaching them.

– Barbetta, 1991

ABA in SouthWestern Ontario

We are a group of Applied Behaviour Analysis service providers in London, ON, Canada who provide unique, quality solutions for meaningful learning for children, youth, and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, their family, and supports.

Using the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis and other therapeutic techniques, the organization operates through a humanistic approach to ensure each person is learning to their fullest potential, how they want to learn, and with evidence-based techniques that are always overseen by certified clinicians.

What Makes Us Different?

Pay for the Services You Use

Many people charge a combination or flat rate for families. We charge only what you use. So, if there is not as much clinical oversight or consultation needed that month, you don’t pay for it. You will get an estimate for services and we bill for the amount of time that you use. Likewise, if its a tougher time and you need more support for a certain period of time, we can provide it — customized to what you need.

Flexible Options

We are a service that provides Clinical Oversight and assistance connecting you to Support and Instructor Therapists. Therefore, we can work with a number of different people, in-home or in-centre, in individual and groups, and across the life span with a team member who has the area you are interested in. We come and provide the programming and regular oversight, parent training, and instructor training, and you get to choose who is the right fit for you and your family.

Serve Multiple Communities

Because we provide clinical oversight, we can accommodate you in your community and come to you and your supports via video conferencing and occasion in-person meetings. Additional costs for travel are required.

Our Services

We serve children with Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, learning disabilities, and social challenges in individual and group settings.

We serve adults with various disabilities in various capacities, including one-on-one, small group, and consultation.

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